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Balancing Your Hormones Introduction

Why are you here?

At MorningStar, we have been helping women and men with hormone imbalances for many years. Common symptoms that are experienced include problems with the menstrual cycle, fertility or libido, feeling tired or sluggish, struggles with belly fat or stubborn weight gain, and even sleep disturbance. Most people don’t realize that several key lifestyle factors – that are COMPLETELY under the own control- are contributing to their distress.

Why did we make this course?

Over the years, we discovered several things.

One – Many folks did not recognize that these were symptoms of hormone imbalance.

Two – There is tons of information on the internet and in books, but it can be very overwhelming to try to curate those resources yourself. As experts in the field of hormones, we can give you some guidance.

Three – We realized we were wasting a lot of time saying the same things over and over again. There are only so many hours in the day and we want to help as many people as possible. By creating this online course, we could deliver this key foundational information in a much more efficient way.

So, implementing the changes in this course will fix all my problems?

Wouldn’t that be lovely! Well, actually, sometimes that does happen and that would be awesome. It certainly is possible.

As we go along, we will point out some red flags or situations that may need some more specific evaluation or one- on- one care and we invite you to seek that. However, these foundational lifestyle modifications are still necessary, so let’s start here!

Purchasing this course does not establish a patient/physician relationship.
This course is not to be construed as medical advice; it is for informational purposes only.

Here’s to your Health!

Jean Golden-Tevald, DO
Edward J. Fleming, MD
All the Staff at MorningStar Family Health Center, PC